Easily customize a
smart contract
for your token distribution

VestVault allows you to programmatically allocate your tokens to specific wallets based on the distribution and vesting parameters in your white paper.

How It Works


Start by inputing your proposed distribution model into VestVault. Indicate how your company's tokens will be allocated to multiple stakeholders and wallets with customized vesting paramaters. Based on your allocation and vesting parameters, VestVault generates a customized smart contract, ready for you to deploy on the blockchain.


Once deployed on the blockchain, your proposed token distribution becomes VestVault verified. Potential and existing investors will have insights into your company's share of tokens. After the token sale, your tokens will be automatically distributed to the specified wallets.

Key Benefits


Transparency and Trust

Using Vest Vault will increase transparency in your ICO process and gain more trust from investors.

Protection from Internal Threats

Because smart-contract utilizes decentralized blockchain technology it will keep you safe from internal threats within the company.

Secure Your Funding

VestVault will autonomously keep your funds safe using cutting-edge smart contract technology. Using VestVault will significantly decrease risk of someone stealing your funds from investors.

Increase Regulatory Safety

Using our VestVault will gain trust from regulatory authorities such as SEC and FinCen. Regulators will acknowledge that you are putting good faith effort to comply with the law.